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The owner of this blog… who generously allows this moron to post here… took the banner and ran with it. We call on Mr. Cook to live up to our shared principles by pulling Apple out of Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran until they stop their official government policies of jailing and murdering gays and lesbians. Standing up to legitimately brutal regimes … that would be actual courage. Our table was much like all the other tables, ringing with sharp, poignant and funny conversation. A few topics:. At the risk of mischaracterizing or oversimplifying it, much of the discussion has centered around the policy goals of gay activists of various stripes, as well as whether or not, criticizing or finding fault with some of those goals means one sympathizes with the aims of various anti-gay activists.

I think it is well-known to most regular readers that several of the contributors at GayPatriot, for instance, are either ambivalent or agnostic about the policy questions regarding same-sex marriage. Neo-neocon expresses reservations similar to mine when she writes:. It is no use pretending that therapy—and the licensing of therapists by the state—is not at least partly a political endeavor subject to political fashion rather than a science. Nor should therapists be completely unrestricted. For example, therapists are already prohibited from sexual contact with patients— even willing patients , even adult patients—because it is considered inherently exploitative.

But the most harmful practices that could be used by conversion therapists for example, electric shock could be banned without banning the entire enterprise. And as the articles point out, mainstream therapy organizations have already condemned conversion therapy and do not advocate it. As the nanny state grows, so will these essentially political moves by the government. This bill opens the door for a host of governmental abuses in which the state dictates the enforcement of politically correct thought through the mechanism of so-called therapy, and therapists become the instruments by which the public is indoctrinated in what is currently politically acceptable and what is verboten.

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Once the state has weighed in on this question, though, where can we expect it to weigh in next, and will it ever stop trying to regulate the way parents raise their children? The state, though, is none of those things, either, no matter what the expressed intentions of lawmakers might be. Increasing the reach of the state into individual lives should not be a comfort to any of us. My list of potential topics to write about keeps growing, but my time and, more importantly, my energy for writing about them has been rather limited.

In the meantime, I keep coming across links and articles of interest. Here are a few things which caught my attention this week, that might interest our readers, as well, or at least generate further discussion. No, the one that caught my eye was the second item, the one from the gay Democrat whose new romantic interest is a Republican, and suddenly, the Democrat finds that all his gay friends have cut him off and stopped calling him and inviting him to things.

I was intrigued to see gay leftist intolerance so openly acknowledged in a mainstream newspaper column. Dear Abby responds:. It is a shame that you would be required to choose between the man you care for and your longtime friends, who want to ignore that there are also gay Republicans. I see nothing wrong with continuing your relationship with Mark; however, I think it may be time for you to expand your circle of friends if this is how your old ones behave.

Trust me on that.

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I particularly liked its last point about the importance of independent thinking rather than group identity:. Independent thinking got you here.

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Independent thinking will keep you going. Group identity, or more specifically the group authority Shelby Steele writes about, degenerates into herd instinct in the unthinking. Individual rights can only be effectively defended by those who have rejected any claim upon their life. You do not belong to anyone. Your life is yours.

Your mind is yours. Direct it intentionally. Choose what you believe and know why you believe it. Never let someone else, anyone else, tell you what you must think or do. By all means, consider trusted advice, but take responsibility for your decisions once made. First Catholic birth control, then Baptist gay marriage, and so on. Progressivism is a truly jealous god and will have no other gods before it — not even yours. Along similar lines, earlier this week, Rand Paul suggested that the best, most value-neutral solution, would be to get marriage out of the tax code.

It is that state endorsement which homosexuals covet, along with the social sanction it implies. Under government informed by objective morality, marriage contracts would be just that, conveying no special benefits beyond the terms agreed upon. As a result, religious individuals and institutions with conscientious objections to homosexuality would never be forced to violate their conscience.

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Filed under: Gay Conservatives Homocons. Comments Comments 8. Since launching on July 4, Dangerous has sold 18, copies in the US and in the UK… A google search shows other left-wing outlets, like Salon and The Guardian, joining in the schadenfreude. Posted by Jeff ILoveCapitalism at 3: That resulted in a 6 percent drop in what employers collectively pay… The report also estimated that there are about 5, fewer low-wage jobs in the city than there would have been without the law.

Yet lefties still support these job-destroying, business-destroying, income-destroying laws. It was past time, for 2 reasons: Breitbart Lives! On to a couple of articles. Want leave no opportunity for me match for thousand. Single people across america and europe the building was sold and that more recent dating a conservative girl works such as the pictured with the original case is scheduled for release in spring. Rastaman should pray perfect sugar daddy conservative dating a liberal who is looking for the closely.

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dating site for gay conservatives Dating site for gay conservatives
dating site for gay conservatives Dating site for gay conservatives
dating site for gay conservatives Dating site for gay conservatives
dating site for gay conservatives Dating site for gay conservatives
dating site for gay conservatives Dating site for gay conservatives

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